The Future of US TV – The CW

Our last network with new shows is The CW, a network that caters for a heavily young and female audience and combats low ratings with low budgets. This is the home of Gossip Girl and 90201. Oh and Supernatural for some reason. Frankly this network could do with a few good new shows… We’ll see.

Hart of Dixie
What it is: Rachel Bilson stars as the city doctor adjusting to life as a doctor in a small town.
Our verdict: Sounds like Doc Martin, just with a more attractive lead. Bilson may not be enough to make me watch.
On the digibox: Viva. That’s a channel right?

What it is: Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV as a woman on the run who disguises herself as her twin sister in a show rejected by CBS.
Our verdict: Gellar makes this series worth a look but with a trailer this short it’s hard to tell what’s going on or how good it will be.
On the digibox: Gellar will bump this up the channels. Possibly skirting the Five/Sky barrier.

The Secret Circle
What it is: A girl discovers that she, along with plenty of others, is a witch. Now who will she side with?
Our verdict: Looks mostly terrible, barring Brittany Robertson.
On the digibox: Viva too. Viva is The CW of UK TV.

One thought on “The Future of US TV – The CW

  1. “a network that caters for a heavily young and female audience” – That would explain why I watch so many CW shows! How rude to forget/ignore the Vampire Diaries though. 😛


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