The Future of US TV – CBS

We’re nearing the end of our journey through the TV shows hitting American screens this year. Our penultimate channel is CBS, not so much of a heavyweight but better than tomorrow’s network. CBS actually has quite a full roster already, plenty of CSIs and other dramas along with comedies including How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and the rejigged Two and a Half Men. Because their plate is so full we only have five new shows to peruse, and they’re mostly terrible.

2 Broke Girls
What it is: Two girls work in a diner. One is from a wealthy background and the other a poorer background. Kat Dennings stars for some reason.
Our verdict: The video is very underwhelming and the phrase “the opposite of her in every way” says so much about where the humour will derive from.
On the digibox: I’m honestly not convinced it would make it over here.

How to be a Gentleman
What it is: After being fired from his newspaper, a proper gentlemen bumps into an old school friend who is much more rough around the edges.
Our verdict: Coming from a similar direction to 2 Broke Girls this is an “unlikely buddy comedy” and it looks awful.
On the digibox: Please no.

Person of Interest
What it is: A former… government assassin(?) is recruited by Ben from Lost, playing Ben from Lost, to prevent violent crimes before they happen.
Our verdict: I will watch the pilot but most likely drop out when I have ten episodes backlogged.
On the digibox: Five. They keep investing in dramas like this and they keep being cancelled.

What it is: A female cop has a perfect memory of every moment of her life, but there are some things she’d rather forget.
Our verdict: Another crime drama with a gimmick. I feel all jaded.
On the digibox: Five

A Gifted Man
What it is: A surgeon bumps into his ex-wife only to discover that she was dead at the time… and continues to be so. He has a gift! Patrick Wilson stars.
Our verdict: After losing Medium and cancelling Ghost Whisperer CBS are clearly filling a ghost-seeing void. Patrick Wilson makes it tempting.
On the digibox: BBC Two, let’s go crazy.

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