The Future of US TV – ABC

ABC is the third American network in our preview of the new US shows coming this autumn. ABC currently have a mixed bag of sitcoms, two good and two bad, and some positively vintage soapy dramas along with a few newer, crime-based dramas. ABC needs all it can get which is why it has so many new shows coming. With every instant classic there’s a comedy about men in drag that no UK channel will touch.

Apartment 23
What it is: A group of snarky New Yorkers invite a new girl into the group. A group that includes James Van Der Beek playing a bastard version of himself.
Our verdict: Looks fun enough and is way above most of ABCs new batch.
On the digibox: E4 territory for sure

Charlie’s Angels
What it is: A remake of Charlie’s Angels. Idiot.
Our verdict: Should have stopped where the Wonder Woman remake stopped. No, no, no, no, no.
On the digibox: Anywhere but Sky.

Last Man Standing
What it is: Tim Allen’s return to TV in a very old-fashioned looking sitcom. The wife despairs, the daughter is sassy and the audience laughs.
Our verdict: Allen should have moved with the times and updated his sitcom style.
On the digibox: Comedy Central

Man Up
What it is: Three unmanly men being funny.
Our verdict: Not funny enough. Truly uninspiring stuff.
On the digibox: No idea, Sky Living?

Once Upon a Time
What it is: Fairytales abound here as Jennifer Morrison discovers a world of magic, and Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White.
Our verdict: A serious waste of talent and, from the clip below, a huge mess.
On the digibox: Easy one, SyFy. It looks about as good as their miniseries normally would.

Pan Am
What it is: 60s set drama focussing on the stewardesses of Pan Am. Christina Ricci is this show’s big name and will be our main woman being abused by sexist pilots.
Our verdict: The second show I would actually watch. I love some 60s based TV and Margot Robbie won me over in Neighbours.
On the digibox: Sky should get a triple bill of Mad Men, The Playboy Club and Pan Am.

What it is: Emily Van Camp seeks revenge on the rich and powerful who ruined her family. Expect plenty of dramatics.
Our verdict: A bit too arch for my taste, though Van Camp is lovely. I’d hate to get invested in something that won’t make it to season 2.
On the digibox: E4/ITV2.

The River
What it is: Lost meets Paranormal Activity. A mother and son go in search of their missing husband/father in the Amazon accompanied by a documentary film crew. Things go bump.
Our verdict: Certainly work a look see, the clip below made me jump.
On the digibox: Five/BBC Three

What it is: A crisis manager and her staff will manage your crisis, but something tells me they’ll struggle to deal with their own problems.
Our verdict: Coming from the creator of Grey’s Anatomy before long this will be about nothing more than relationships. Blah.
On the digibox: Sky Living

What it is: A New Yorker takes his daughter to the suburbs after finding condoms in her room. Cue them not quite gelling with the locals as they sneer at suburban living.
Our verdict: How long can we last with the two leads acting like they’re above the rest of the characters?
On the digibox: Sky2

Work It
What it is: Two men disguise themselves as women to get jobs.
Our verdict: Won’t make it to episode three.
On the digibox: No need to worry.

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