Fancy Richard E Grant as a Script Writing Mentor?

I know at least… three of our readers are aspiring script writers and so when word of this competition came along it seemed best to pass it along. We’re not here to promote BA, but they are running the competition so forgive us.

As part of the big build up to the 2012 Olympic Games British Airways are running a variety of competitions looking for “Great Britons”. The one we’re interested in is a scriptwriting competition, the winning idea being produced in 2012 and shown prior to the opening ceremony and on BA flights. You also get mentored by Richard E Grant who has written a total of one film, but has surely read a few more than that.

The limitation is that your film should be set around “London’s journey to The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games” and would presumably fare better if reflecting the Olympics in a positive light. Throwing in a scene on a plane wouldn’t hurt either.

You have until 27th July 2011 to enter, which you can do here, and if you win you will be writing from a London office for five months and being paid a not too shabby salary.

And now here is an attractive video that tells you little more that I already have:

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