Out Now – 14th February 2011

It’s the most romantic depressing day of the year. Time to grab a tub of ice-cream and stay in watching My Bloody Valentine, or something else where people in love end up dead and mutilated…

Or you could pop down to the cinema with your loved one for a laugh, cry or just a fumble on the back row.

It’s a quite good comedy from the pair who normally fail to make a good film without Edgar Wright at the helm. Ignore the fact that the trailer highlight the low brow comedy elements and gives away all the “surprise” reveals, you might just enjoy yourself.

Tantric Tourists (limited release)
Mixed reviews for this documentary following ten sex-starved Americans on a trip across India led by a Tantric guru. The fact that it took three years to reach cinemas should tell you something.

4 thoughts on “Out Now – 14th February 2011

  1. I think the title Tantric Tourists tells me everything I need to know.

    I need to go and see Paul this week, I can’t not see a film with those two in the cinema.


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