Out Now – 28th January 2011

Happy Friday! No big exciting releases this week, though there are a couple of Oscar nominated films and plenty of crap.

Barney’s Version
Paul Giamatti plays a slightly dishevelled womaniser in what is bound to be a funny, well acted comedy that borders on being slightly offensive.

“Uxbal is a tragic hero and father of two who’s sensing the danger of death. He struggles with a tainted reality and a fate that works against him in order to forgive, for love, and forever.” Which a much praised performance by Bardem this deep feature will be the foreign film that crosses over to the mainstream this year.

Eastwood is back with a drama about three seperate people touched by death. Don’t let the awful posters put you off as it might be quite good.

How Do You Know
While Rudd is currently finding success and acclaim at Sundance he hasn’t forgotten that shitty romantic comedies pay the bills. Woman has mid-life crisis and ends up in a love triangle, the funniest shape of all.

The Mechanic
Jason Statham is an elite hit man teaching his trade to an apprentice, I love it when government training schemes work out. From the synopsis I’m guessing Statham previously killed a relative of the apprentice and revenge will be sought.

At last, Rapunzel retold for the modern age! Don’t expect too much and you might have a forgettably good time.

Accursed Blood (limited release)
A horror about kids trying to film a ghost in a hotel. Naturally things go wrong… I have nothing more, this film is hard to Google and it seems to have been straight to DVD in the US four years ago.

How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr Foster? (limited release)
Showing at the ICA with Foster himself this documentary follows this architect’s rise and desire to… architect.

Men on the Bridge (limited release)
“The stories of three men working at the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul are told by the original characters, in this mosaic depicting real persons exposing their lives and aspirations.” It’s Turkish! I think.

The Lover’s Guide 3D (limited release)
What!? I see no reason why you wouldn’t go to the cinema for sex tips, told in a sensible manner and shown in 3D. Remember, if it’s out of focus don’t try to focus on it, no matter how sexy it might be. You’ll only get a headache and have no sex at all.

Zebra Crossing (limited release)
Apparently this film, “blends a diverse mixture of characters that all share one thing in common: The incredible loneliness of living alongside 7 million other people. Blending the surreal, and very real, we take an intense journey in search of friendship, belief and religion.” Mmmm, blending.

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