Out Now – 10th December 2010

Just the two wide releases today and then some arty stuff, one of while is pretty vile.

We reviewed this and found it slightly lacking. Unfortunately our viewing of the film was marred by too much red wine and the need for a good night’s sleep. I think it deserves a rewatch, certainly the best thing out this week.

The Tourist
Reviews are calling this film slow and confused making it more like an elderly relative than anything you should be paying good money for. Obviously if Depp or Jolie float your boat I can’t stop you.

Enemies Of The People (limited release)
Documentary following a journalist uncovering the secrets of the Killing Fields of Cambodia. Something to get you in the festive spirit.

For Colored Girls (limited release)
Based on 20 poems this film explores the issues facing colo(u)red women. Preaching to the choir.

In Our Name (limited release)
Brit flick follwoing a female soldier fitting back into her life after fighting in Iraq. Someone on IMDb seems to like it. 9.2/10

Lemmy (limited release)
Documentary about heavy-metal musician called Lemmy. Snore.

On Tour (limited release)
French comedy about strippers? Maybe? Guranteed nudity.

Outcast (limited release)
Karen Gillan in a British horror getting surprisingly good reviews. Yes please!

A Serbian Film(limited release)
Possibly the most depraved thing you’ll see all year, pretty much banned everywhere without cuts. The Human Centipede has nothing on this.

The Thorn in the Heart(limited release)
Documentary by Michel Gondry about the relationship between his aunt and and her son. If Gondry’s involved it is worth your time.

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