Sooo…. There’s Going to be a Buffy Film

The rumours of a new Buffy film appear to be true. Written not by Joss Whedon but by Whit Anderson who is… someone apparently.

This is essentially a reboot, something that is happing to franchises much sooner these days with varying degrees of success. Oh Spiderman, how I love you.

I could happily go off on a rant about leaving well enough alone, but this is a particular franchise that I am a little too close to to be objective. Once the film is out I will be judging it, but not before. Here are four reasons I’ll be waiting to judge:

1. Reboots can sometimes be good.
2. Joss Whedon has messed up the franchise himself in the “Season 8” comics.
3. I actually enjoyed the original film, not a lot but it is fun.
4. No matter how bad the film is it can’t stop the original series being my favourite series ever.

Give me a year and I’ll be treating Whit Anderson like she’s James Cameron.

5 thoughts on “Sooo…. There’s Going to be a Buffy Film

  1. Agree with everything you said. There have been some brilliant reboots of late. The original series will always be close to my heart, this will just be another part of the Buffy family.

    Season 8 comics really killed my love of the show, i had to cleanse my pallet by watching some season 2.


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