Out Now – 5th November 2010

Two more good films, maybe three, out to day. Thankfully those two have been seen and reviewed so my list of films to watch doesn’t get ridiculous. Just Easy A and The Kids Are All Right left.

Another Year
Brilliant, plotless and heartbreaking. You pretty much have to see it, we sure did.

Due Date
I like Robert Downey Jr. and I like Zach Galifianakis, but I dislike Jamie Foxx. Luckily the film looks Foxx light so should be a fun road movie. Third best film of the week.

Jackass 3D
I’ve never seen an episode or either of the films but the trailer makes me laugh. Guaranteed genitalia alert!

Let Me In
Best vampire film this year. Lots of people whispering, in a well shot tragic love story. We totally reviewed this too.

Fit (limited release)
A UK film that “Takes a look at gay and straight love among the new millennials.” Sounds angsty.

Golmaal 3 (limited release)
The threequel the Bollywood lover in your life has been waiting for!

Mammoth (limited release)
Gael García Bernal and Michelle Williams star in a film you’ve never heard of. Expect emotion and contemplations.

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