Saw 3D – Review

Last review for a little while don’t worry.

Clearly Saw 3D is not a particularly good film and won’t be winning any awards outside of the horror specific ceremonies.

However as someone who has seen the previous six installment this final film was quite satisfying. Most of the film was just another trap but the return of Cary Elwes brought the series full circle. For me Saw is not all about the gore and traps, after the original feature the films have always featured some amazing ambitious retcon sequences as plot twists are forced to work using scenes from previous films reshot to include an extra character.

Saw 3D is no exception and once all the torn flesh and endless screaming is done with we are treating to one final retcon montage that I found oddly exciting.

My own personal needs aside Saw 3D is a pretty grim watch and I am starting to rethink my stance on 3D. No longer is it fun in a novelty sense so I’m more than happy for 3D to be scrapped altogether.

With Saw you know you’re getting horrible images, bad dialogue and the most convoluted plot on film. Saw 3D does not disappoint.

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