Paranormal Activity 2 – Review

With a bigger budget and the pressure of building on a successful predecessor Paranormal Activity 2 tries too hard and fails to engage and scare.

The more camera angles we’re given the less time we have to focus on a particular frame and get all paranoid about what is about to happen. While the first film slowly crept up on you, the sequel is constantly try to grab your attention.

Also the amount of exposition is completely unnecessary as we don’t need to know what’s going on; that is why it is scary.

On the plus side the film has a few big scares and it fits the first quite neatly. The dog is a particular highlight.

Where this film will succeed is when watched alone at home when it’s dark outside and you’ve got the windows open. In a cinema the audience gets restless and giggling can ruin the effect.

No third film please.

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