Out Now – 29th October 2010

You’ve got to love autumn, good films are coming out on a regular basis. Today I’m adding three more to my watch list.

Burke and Hare
It’s going to be a pretty broad comedy with slapstick, toilet humour and comedy corpses but with this British comedy cast I can’t resist. Pegg and Stevenson reunite!

The Kids Are All Right
It’s and Oscar buzzed film with an indie feel. Two artificially inseminated children of a lesbian couple bring their biological dad into the mix.

Out of the Ashes
A documentary about the Afghan cricket team. I don’t like cricket… period.

Saw 3D
Gore and shocks, 3D and in your face. Guilty pleasure ahoy!

The Hunter limited release
A Persian language film in which a man kills some cops, then gets chased into a forest by two more cops. “They are lost in a maze, a desolate landscape, where the boundaries between the hunter and the hunted are difficult to perceive.” Blimey.

Involuntary (limited release)
A Swedish flick about people getting up to mischief.

Spiderhole (limited release)
A low budget horror featuring London student squatters as the victims. Bloody students.

This Prison Where I Live (limited release)
The Guardian says, “A brave documentary about a jailed Burmese comedian that is unfortunately stymied by the very censorship it is seeking to attack.”

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