Get The Best and The Brightest to London

We’re taking a quick break from the Film Festival nonsense for a moment to ask for your help. There’s an independent comedy called The Best and The Brightest that we here at Mild Concern would really quite like to see on the big screen. It stars Neil Patrick Harris, Peter Serafinowicz and John Hodgman among many others, need we say more?

They are running a little feature on their page where you can “demand” a screening near you. To get us a UK screening please just go to the website and enter “WC2H 7NA” (the postcode for Leicester Square) in the form to the right.

C’mon it’s Peter Serafinowicz!

5 thoughts on “Get The Best and The Brightest to London

  1. Because the map is insane. It thinks I’m in Colton (which is a village even tinier than the place I actually live), I used Alison’s postcode and it thought it was Banbury.


  2. If you zoom in to Colton, it’s my house. Which is not in Colton. But there have apparently been 5 requests in “Colton” and only one of them is me. Does that mean if “Colton” wins a screening it has to be in my house?


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