Everything Must Go – Review

Everything Must Go is Will Ferrell’s third role in a “non-comedy” as he plays an alcoholic made to live on his front lawn after his wife changes the locks. Unfortunately when you have a comedic actor play against type you have to work hard to get the audience to take your film seriously. After a few deliberate laughs at the start the film failed to get itself taken seriously as the audience continued to titter as the relapsed alcoholic reached for yet another beer.

This is a film of redemption and sorting your life out by your own means, but to fully appreciate the good times we need to feel the lows of the bad times. With a comedic actor this didn’t quite work, Ferrell played the part perfectly but thanks to his past films my fellow audience members just couldn’t take him seriously.

On the other hand the woman sat next to me was in tears, Will Ferrell is great and the film has its weak moments but is a solid first time effort from Dan Rush.

He even turned up at the end to do a Q&A which covered the usual; the cast were perfect and financing was from various sources. Here’s a bad photo:

Everything Must Go is worth a look, but isn’t going to be released any time soon in the UK.

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