Let Me In – Review

I feel like I’m supposed to say that the original was way better and the remake has Americanised and ruined the entire film, but it hasn’t.

Let the Right One In was a brilliant adaptation of a novel, but with Let Me In, Matt Reeves has tweaked and ultimately improved that adaptation to bring a dark, subtle horror/love story to the screen.

The only other film I have seen by Reeves was Cloverfield, which with its “found footage” style, gives no real indication of his directing style. In Let Me In he uses a lot of long slow shots to build tension and develop a slow pace which makes the moments of horror and violence all the more intense, even if we don’t actually see that much.

Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee are superb as the two children, outcasts gradually connecting in a seemingly innocent way but with undertones of violence and sexual curiosity. And for once Moretz doesn’t say “pussy”.

Let Me In is perhaps a bit too slow at the start, but as a whole is a chilling story which leaves you questioning whether the story is one of love or horror.

Let Me In is on general release 5th November 2010.

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