Buried – Review

So Buried is quite good. Ryan Reynolds makes you really believe he is stuck in a box, and isn’t the most sympathetic of characters and yet you do feel for him.

The main crux of the film is Reynolds phoning people on the mobile he is buried with. For the most part this is used to progress the plot but there is at least one phone call that is pure filler and an attempt to round the character a bit more.

Ultimately I would recommend Buried, not least because it’s a rare chance to see a film set in a box. It’s also quite amazing to see the variety of lighting and camera angles used, which helps make the film watchable beyond an hour. Also Stephen Tobolowsky totally reprises his character from Groundhog Day. Well, obviously it doesn’t but there we go.

Now here’s the text conversation I had directly after the film which reenacts some key moments, this may contain spoilers so run away if you’re sensitive.

This is what Buried would have been like if he had only been able to text… and there was a subplot in a car park.

I was followed in the car park by some dude saying, hey sweetie followed by whistles and noises. I got in my car and put my foot down.

No one chatted me up! My room is filling up with sand

If you call that chatting no wonder you’re single. It was mildly concerning. Dig your way out!

Am I going to have to escort you to your car in future? I think I’ll take a moment to call my mum, because that will help.

I’m hoping it was a one off. Would you be all manly at the weirdo? Did you mum like the flowers?

I’d freak him out right back! She didn’t even remember them, what a waste.

With your trouser snake?

I set fire to the trouser snake but it melted my glow stick and now there’s goo everywhere.

Don’t forget the vomit.

Oops there it is.

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