Devil – Review

Devil is easily the best thing Shyamalan has been involved with in years, though here he only provided the story… which he stole from Agatha Christie.

Devil is a neat little horror thriller covering just 80 minutes as five people are trapped in the lift. One of them is the devil and it moves along nicely from there. Thankfully we weren’t confined to the lift and we get to see the police and maintenance try to get into the lift with varying degrees of success.

There’s no mind blowing dialogue or action but the film is so much what you’d expect it’s hard to be disappointed, plus there’s plenty of half-recognisable faces to keep you amused. Caroline Dhavernas is so underused it’s not even funny.

Even the reveal of which character is the devil is not really a surprise. Look at the picture about and think who you would have be the devil. You got it right!

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