Public Booking Is Open!

As of right now public booking for this year’s London Film Festival is open!

That means you can finally buy the tickets you’ve been wanting for the festival’s most anticipated films. Well, more realistically they’ll all be fully booked before you even get to the page thanks to priority booking for BFI members (aka me) having started a week ago with the most popular films selling out in the first morning.

Ah well. The good news is that Mild Concern has been certified as Press and will be seeing as many films as possible during the festival. That means more reviews than ever before, which will be less coherent than ever.

2 thoughts on “Public Booking Is Open!

  1. I just got an email after I went to bed last night from the York cinema I’m a member of telling me that it allows me to use the priority booking for the London Film Festival because they’re in partnership with the BFI. Good job I didn’t want to go to any of them because that’s a bit late to be telling me!!


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