Just Kidding, It’s Freakin’ Scott Pilgrim Day!

I couldn’t let this day pass without some expression of my overwhelming excitement that today is the day that Scott Pilgrim reaches UK cinemas today. Today. Yes, we were originally going to get it weeks ago but lets just enjoy it now it’s here. Look at the site, but not too far, we’ve retro-fitted ourselves in honour of this special day.

I’ve only seen nine minutes, thanks to a lack of luck with preview screenings and not being quite “press” enough for press screenings, but they were glorious minutes. Not everyone is going to enjoy the film, there’s a lot to take in and it has a very distinct style, but I am convinced it will blow my precious little mind.

Go out tonight and see Scott Pilgrim. Go and see it with as many people as you can find and help show America how a box office should look. And if you’re going alone be sure to do yourself an Orange Wednesday, every little helps.

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