A Few Random Thoughts

Here are three things I wanted to share with you this morning:

1. Piranha 3D will be getting a 3D sequel! This is great news. Hopefully this time they will actually film it in 3D as I also discovered yesterday that it was one of the many “converted” 3D films.

2. Who is Salt? I have it on good authority that it is indeed Angelina Jolie. I don’t have to see the film now right?

3. Scott Pilgrim vs the World comes out tomorrow. I hope you have your tickets booked and are ready to bore everyone at work silly come Thursday.

That’s all I have today I’m afraid. Watch this if you get bored.

3 thoughts on “A Few Random Thoughts

  1. I did not know Piranha was a converted 3D movie! Well, it did better than most converted ones and I eagerly await a proper 3D Piranha movie.

    Salt is indeed Angelina Jolie, but they say that on the posters too.


  2. I hope that the Piranha sequel involves getting Adam Scott out of the stomach of the giant one! It won’t be the same without him!

    However I will of course see it anyway!


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