Black Dynamite – Review

Like Whip It and some other film that escapes me right now, I had all but given up on Black Dynamite ever getting a release over here in the UK and yet here it comes this Friday.

Black Dynamite is a spoof of the old blaxploitation films more reminiscent of classic parodies like Airplane! and Hot Shots than the modern _____ Movie franchise. This is a genuinely funny film that looks as if it were made in the very era it is lampooning, effort has been made here in not just the script but in the aesthetics too. Some of the jokes were wearing thin towards the end but one joke involving a briefcase brought the film back to being a must-see.

Go see this with your friends and you’ll be quoting it in an irritating way for days. Bad news is that it is on limited release so you’re going to have to make a real effort to find it. It’s worth the effort, and if you aren’t convinced just watch the trailer below.

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