Splice – Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Splice and was all the better for it. While the trailer presents a horror filled with jumps surrounding a freakish monster created in a lad, the film itself is much more than that. Though it does admittedly contain moments of what the trailer pretended the entire film was.

Splice it turns out is a funny and touching film exploring the morality of science, a couple’s relationship and their desire for a child. There were plenty of adorable moments as the audience practically cooed at the growing monstrosity learning to be as human as it could be.

Ultimately however things turned sour and the film suddenly became slightly offensive to the eyes as events unfolded that I had expected, and some that I wasn’t quite ready for. Splice is different from the norm, and was a good watch though not one I am likely to repeat.

Adrian Brody once again shows a fresh side to himself  and Sarah Polley somehow makes you side with the guys who are messing around splicing DNA. The real heart of the film however is ??Delphine Chanéac, who makes the animalistic Dren seem very human, at times adorable and then terrifying.

Definitely not one for the whole family, but something a little different.

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