In Which I Blow Your Mind, Inception Style

If you have seen Inception the clips I have embedded below are about to blow your mind as you discover just where that beautifully dramatic score came from. This is not to say Hans Zimmer skimped on his job of composing but that he did so with a beautiful little easter egg. The discovery was initially made in this video, but I had to check for myself.

Listen to the clips then click inside for a little bit of me stating the obvious and maybe throwing a spoiler about. if the clips aren’t working you might have to leave Google Reader and visit the actual site.

First of all the score to Inception.

Hans Zimmer

Now Non Je Ne Regrette Rien by Edith Piaf slowed down to 32%.

Edith Piaf

And the two together.

Zimmer Piaf Mix

Now how about Hans Zimmer sped up leading into Edith Piaf?

Zimmer to Piaf

Pretty awesome, huh?

As we know time in the dream world moves slower than in the world you are asleep in. We also know this very song was used in the film to let the dreamers know when the kick comes. So if they are hearing the song in slow motion then that would mean they are dreaming, Now I can’t be sure but if this score plays when our characters are in the “real” world that that truly opens up the possibility of the “it was all a dream” theory.


If it was only used when the characters were in a dream then it’s not a big twist but another layer of detail to a beautifully detailed film.

I wish I’d just posted the video, those clips took forever to get right.

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