Inception: The Cobol Job

I’ll be brief. There is a prequel comic for Inception that you can read online and won’t spoil the film for you.

Interested? The comic can be read and downloaded here.

Is it the weekend yet?

2 thoughts on “Inception: The Cobol Job

  1. All that mentioned, its without a doubt refreshing to enjoy a video not determined by a comic book, not according to an aged television exhibit, and not just a remake that do not ever required to get built inside initial spot. This really is it, people, the 1 blockbuster this summer that will be really worth the funds you set down for it.


  2. I’ve read the user-reviews that rated it C, D or F and concluded that they were definitely particularly young or not smart adequate to adhere to the storyline to gain any satisfaction. These are most likely the similar viewers that gave the Eclipse series films higher ratings.


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