Out Now – 9th July 2010

There are a good few films out this week on limited release that are likely filled with substance and artistic intent but I know nothing about any of them and am caving in the the commercial behemoth that dominates the day.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

All the true Twilight fans will have already seen the film during it’s previews last weekend but I’m sure thousands will clamour to cinemas this weekend to see Edward brood and Jacob take of his shirt to reveal his only just legal torso. This has the honour of being regarded as the best of the saga so far but even if that is true you won’t catch me buying a ticket. With just seven months between the previous film and this, I can’t see how a movie of any real quality can have been made.

Forget the cinema this weekend. Go outside, see some old friends and have a barbecue. Maybe watch some DVDs in the evening, a foreign horror perhaps. Just don’t get sucked into a film where vampires sparkle.

4 thoughts on “Out Now – 9th July 2010

  1. I know far too many people who saw it during the preview weekend. I feel dirty just being their friend!

    Your alternative suggestion for the weekend sounds perfect!


  2. I think I will take your stellar advice to go outside, see some old friends and have a barbecue.

    Now where to find old friends with a barbecue…


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