Vampires Suck – Trailer Dissection

A bad trailer this week for a parody, and I use the term loosely, of Twilight called Vampires Suck. The film follows in the fashion of the later Scary Movies and their offspring in looking unfunny and lacking any wit. Waht happened to the Airplanes and Top Secrets of satire?

Watch the trailer below then come inside as I show you precisely why this film will be bad as I strive to create “original content”.

And now let’s get our teeth stuck in… (ahahahaha)

Briefly relevant pop-culture references crowbarred in –

Exhibit A: Jersey Shore

Exhibit B: Lady Gaga

Exhibit C: Alice in Wonderland

Flavour of the moment comedy stars –

Exhibit D: Ken Jeong (sadly not thanks to Community)

Over emphasised jokes –

Exhibit E: Jacob not just taking off his shirt a lot but holding up a contract saying that he has to.

Plain confusing bits –

Exhibit F: Why are there random people in random sunbeds?

Potentially funny bit –

Exhibit G: Twihards fighting, ripe for humour

From this I have made the huge assumption that most of the jokes will be weak and heavy handed and a lot will rely on mentions of current celebrities. I’d almost rather watch Twilight.

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