OMG. Doctor Who FTW.

Ever since Doctor Who was rebooted with Eccleston earnestly dashing about I have listened to people marvel at The Doctor and his antics while I simply didn’t get it. I found it all poorly done, the acting was often a bit off, more for one particular assistant, the lighting far too bright and the aliens far too fake to ever be truly scary. That all changed this year as Stephen Moffat took the reins and made Doctor Who the show I had always been told it was.

In this series Moffat has made an engaging, intricately plotted and at times cinematic show. The Doctor is wonderfully played by Matt Smith as a slightly tactless kind-hearted genius accompanied by a strong, exciting and not to mention beautiful Amy Pond who has risen above companion status thanks to Karen Gillan.

Doctor Who has been better from every angle this year and the two part finale proved all that with laughs, scares and more wonderful Pond based pouting. I’m no longer ashamed to say I watch and waiting for the next series isn’t going to be easy. In just one short series Doctor Who has made it from being a show I occasionally watch to a show I spend my week looking forward to… or would do if it were on before Christmas.

Gush, gush, gush.

2 thoughts on “OMG. Doctor Who FTW.

  1. You know I agree with you on pretty much all of the above but I feel I just have to post something in support of Eccleston’s series as it was actually (for the most part) pretty great.

    You may now resume gushing.


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