Footloose Gets Cast Again

After lots of casting and recasting Footloose has found its new Ren. It’s not Zac Efron, Chace Crawford or Thomas Dekker; they’ve found a different star for the role. Well… they’ve found another actor for the role. Sorry, my mistake, they’ve found a dancer for the role and his name is Kenny Wormald.

He’s been in lots of dancing films so will certainly be able to dance… and maybe act, we’ll have to wait and see on the singing. Country singer and TV dancer Julianne Hough will play female lead Ariel and Dennis Quaid will take over John Lithgow’s role and provide a name they can actually use on a poster.

Many years ago I was excited about a musical remake of one of my all time favourite films but now it seems like a big old mess. Prove me wrong Wormald! What a horrible surname to say.

4 thoughts on “Footloose Gets Cast Again

  1. He told us he had to choose between Footloose and Cinema Verite (which sounds arty farty but now I’ve read the description actually isn’t) and the latter is now on his IMDB so I think that was more the issue than his clothes wearing. He has actually worn normal clothes on screen before. 😛


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