Blah Blah Trailer Blah Blah Pilgrim

I tried to stop myself I honestly did. I at least refuse to embed the new Scott Pilgrim trailer and will hide the madness under a cut. What follows is a sequel to our previous screencap happy post.

He’s broken the fourth wall… and I love it.

Ah, just like The Sims

Physical comedy and sudden fan favourite Kieren Culkin

Holy “just like in the comic” alert

He punched her in the boob! On a more serious/obsessive note, the level of detail in these action scenes makes watching frame by frame almost understandable.

Routh is definitely going to be awesome, how did that happen?

More whip-pans than you can whip a pan at. Stark reminder of why this film will work; Edgar Wright.

Music! How good is the music in the trailer?

Obligitary Winstead still. Because she’s pretty.

And now no more. Just give us the film itself!

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