Shia Better Watch Out

Yesterday it was reported that Megan Fox had been booted from Transformers 3, and then she quickly rebutted with the fact that it was her decision to leave the franchise. Considering Fox’s ongoing insults fired at both Michael Bay and the franchise it’s hardly a surprise that she both wanted to leave and was no longer wanted on board. The crew members even wrote a letter defending Bay and slating Fox.

When a star goes as far as saying a director wants to be like Hitler it’s not too hard to believe that they have been fired, rather than given the opportunity to leave their contract. Regardless Fox is gone, though her character may well remain as the role of her boss was recently filled by Patrick Dempsey. Even so I’m sure they can easily just swap her character out for another with no real complaints from fans.

Shia Labeouf should start to be a bit more careful over what he says now too as he recently put down both Transformers 2 and Indy IV. Labeouf  said, “When I saw the second movie, I wasn’t impressed with what we did… There were some really wild stunts in it, but the heart was gone.” He probably saved himself though when he claimed to have real faith in the third installment as it has a great script.

Be careful Shia and Megan, people aren’t going to want you in their movies if your going to be all honest about them afterwards.

One thought on “Shia Better Watch Out

  1. There’s honesty and then there’s just mouthing off.

    I am quite glad Megan’s not going to be in the third film – relieved! Thought she was a bit pointless in the second one.


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