Out Now – 21st April 2010

Hey hey it’s Wednesday! Why not steal an Orange phone, get youself a code and take that girl/guy you’ve had your eye on down to the cinema for a cheap date to see one of these new releases. You could use the money you save on popcorn and look all classy like.

Date Night
With two comedy heavyweights off the telly pairing up for a big screen outing this can’t be anything but a sore disappointment. Both come from NBC’s strong comedy line-up but I doubt the writing is as good here. If I have suitably lowered your expectations you may well enjoy it.

It’s a Wonderful Afterlife
It’s a British film! It’s a dark comedy! It has Sanjeev Bhaskar in it! It will be a massive embarrassment for out nation. I’ve heard nothing but bad things and the poorly photoshopped poster makes me cringe.

Friday has a lot of films coming out but they might not get much better, maybe you should cut your losses and see Date Night.

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