Kick Ass Tops US Box Office, In A Bad Way

After a bit of doubt it turns out Kick Ass topped the US charts this weekend as it narrowly pinched the top spot from How to Train Your Dragon by a mere $200,000. Kick Ass made just $19.8 million at the weekend and that is apparently a pretty poor taking. This makes sense if you consider Dragon was on it’s third week out which Kick Ass was debuting.

While we in the UK embraced the film in all it’s violent, sweary glory America got all outraged in the way only the Daily Mail knows how. A big blow was dealt when respected critic Roger Ebert denounced the film and worried about how six year olds might be affected, as if they would somehow see the film. Obviously the film has some fans as even on Ebert’s site they have given it three and a half out of four while he rates it at just one.

What happened to Kick Ass over there? Where were all the fanboys? Who would have guessed that Kick Ass would follow Mamma Mia as an American film infinitely more popular in the UK than the US.

3 thoughts on “Kick Ass Tops US Box Office, In A Bad Way

  1. I really dont understand this at all. I would have thought America would lap this up! It’s not as if the violence is the worst seen in movies. Fair enough there’s a child dealing out some of the violence, but it’s a FILM!! Also 6 year olds shouldn’t be watching it.


  2. Some people do seem to have trouble with the distinction between films and reality and that having a child actor does not automatically target a film AT children


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