Bones Hits 100 Episodes

This past hour Sky One has aired the 100th episode of Bones. This was an episode highly anticipated not just for its premise of showing Booth and Brennan’s first case together but for the show runner’s promise of a change in the relationship between the pair. Did it deliver? Well read on for a spoiler filled look at this milestone episode.

The initial set-up for the flashback was a bit odd as Booth and Brennan suddenly felt the need to tell Sweets about their first case which somehow they had failed to mention to him before now, but so long as it’s not a tumour induced dream I’m on board. The case itself was pretty unremarkable and really wasn’t the point of the episode, sure enough bones were found, fingers were pointed and in the end the bad guy was caught, but what we were really watching for was the people solving the crime.

In that respect the episode was quite successful as dynamics in the lab were completely different back in the day; Hodgins was all surly, Angela didn’t work their and Zack had yet to go crazy. Plenty of jokes were made that alluded to how the team would eventually turn out in present day Bones but it was for the most part pretty unremarkable. The episode was really gearing up to examine the will-they-won’t-they relationship, now an essential component in any crime-solving duo, between Booth and Brennan.

It turns out that when they first met Booth and Brennan were incredibly flirty with each other; both confessing to an attraction and it was all looking quite promising. After a few too many drinks they have a good old snog and head off for some sex when Booth ruins it all by saying it feels the two of them might be going somewhere. Brennan quickly retreats and they spend the rest of their flashback a little pissy at each other.

Back in the present day they leave Sweets’ office and Booth kisses Brennan and really puts himself out there, as he loves her and wants them to make a go of it. Brennan as before turns him down explaining that she can’t take that gamble, presumably fearing it won’t last and Booth says he has to move on. They walk away arm in arm and it was all a bit touching. This is where the episode came into its own, showing why the pair haven’t openly expressed their feelings in the series so far as it had already been done and actually having them address their feelings in the present day.

Too many shows rely on their will-they-won’t-they pairing never progressing as a reason for viewers to keep watching, and it’s nice to have the situation addressed out in the open. With any luck the events of tonight’s episode will have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the season. While this wasn’t the strongest episode ever the scenes between Boreanaz and Deschanel made it worth the watch.

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