Whip It – Review

On Friday I was down in London for the premiere of Whip It, Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut starring Ellen Page as a girl who stumbles, and falls heavily, into the world of the roller derby.

Sometimes I worry that most of Mild Concern‘s reviews are positive, but there is no way I can criticise Whip It, and I tend to avoid films I know will be bad. This is not a gritty drama or a broad slapstick comedy but a genuinely enjoyable and heartwarming comedy, a fun family film with no sense of a message that never strives too hard for a gag. Even the love story takes a back seat to the joys of the roller derby.

I am an Ellen Page fan so enjoyed her performance though she is not exactly distancing herself from the role that made her famous. Barrymore’s direction does not scream first time filmmaker and the roller derby scenes have a real energy to them, so kudos to her. The roller derby scenes certainly had more energy than the demonstration on the Southbank before the film. Even Jimmy Fallon is at his least irritating, which is a real relief as his performances can often ruin a perfectly good film.

If you want to see a film you will enjoy then go and see Whip It, it is as easy at that.

Whip It is in cinemas on 7th April 2010.

4 thoughts on “Whip It – Review

  1. I agree! I felt like I should comment on this but I don’t actually have anything constructive to add to what you’ve already said.

    Oh, I shall repeat that I loved the colour in the underwater scenes! They’re often very blue and this wasn’t.


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