2010 Oscars Debrief

The fact that my Oscar predictions were 73% accurate is less a testament to my psychic powers and more a sign of just how predictable this years ceremony was. Not to mention long.

All the acting awards went to the recipients everyone expected and the big showdown between Avatar and The Hurt Locker was thankfully won by the latter. A full list of winners can be found here.

The show was an odd one. It felt incredibly long as the more famous winners seemed to be allowed to drag their speeches out forever, and most did not save their thank you lists for when they were off stage. Baldwin and Martin were funny hosts and were warmly received by the audience, something Jonathan Ross somehow failed to achieve at the BAFTAs. The tribute to John Hughes was genuinely moving and a celebration of the horror genre included some odd clips; is twilight a horror?

One of the big successes of the night was the personal speeches made about the ten Best Actor/Actress nominees, given by their friends and former co-workers. Another highlight was Neil Patrick Harris giving a great song and dance performance to open the show though it seemed a little out of place in a more toned down show, filled with movie stars.

The big win for me was Avatar just getting technical and visual awards, saving the big awards for films with more substance. It was interesting, for me at least, that none of the acting roles winning big awards were from award-heavy films. Ultimately the lack of tension over who would win most of the awards detracted from the usual Oscar excitement, only Best Foreign Film was a complete surprise; no one seemed to have even heard of the winner El secreto de sus ojos.

If this seems a bit scatty and all over the place just appreciate that I was up until 5am.

4 thoughts on “2010 Oscars Debrief

  1. I’m glad you said Neil was a highlight; of the dozens of reviews I’ve read this morning yours is the one I value the highest!

    His singing was a bit better at the Emmys & Tonys and the song itself was a bit odd, but I still liked it. And his sparkly suit!

    I went to bed after that so that’s the only opinion I have!


  2. Neil’s song was hard to hear over the orchestra, they didn’t seem to have the sound levels right. It would be hard to beat his Emmy performance


  3. I just watched Neil’s performance again on the Oscars website. I liked it much better the second time around, I was taking it in more. Plus I noticed less bad notes than I thought I remembered. It was basically just in the kick line it went a bit shaky – too much movement clearly!

    The worst insult you could have given me/him would be for you to leave it out in an awkward “best not to mention it at all” type of way. So I’m glad you didn’t!


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