Odeon, Fanatical About What?

In possibly the last chapter in the tale of Alice in Wonderland‘s UK release Vue has agreed to screen the film, following Cineworld’s lead, while Odeon plans to ban it. The real oddity here is that the film premieres at the Odeon Leicester Square as a fundraiser for The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. So the Odeon is refusing to show the film… except for that one time. A boycott stops making sense when it’s just you following through, I can only see this as a huge revenue loss for Odeon.

3 thoughts on “Odeon, Fanatical About What?

  1. Revenue loss and a whole lot of people thinking “WTF Odeon!” Seriously, haven’t they just shot themselves in the foot, as they’re just going to be losing a lot of money? More money than because of an earlier DVD release?

    I am just happy i will be able to see it in my local Vue!


  2. I think it will. There are plenty of Vues and Cineworlds out there, not forgetting the IMAX screenings of it which are so fully booked it’s not even funny for someone trying and failing to get tickets.


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