Double Oscar Speeches

This years Oscar ceremony will have twice as many speeches, though luckily only half will be on stage. With the intention of reducing the length of acceptance speeches and eliminating long lists of thanks the producers are introducing the “Thank You Cam”.

All nominees have been instructed to prepare a 45 second speech detailing what winning the Oscar means to them to for onstage, and they can then list their personal “thank you”s to the camera backstage. This footage will then be put online so that everyone can actively ignore it, barring those who were thanked of course.

I am dubious as the whether this will work, winners are notorious for running over and ignoring the increasingly insistent orchestra trying to play them off. This should however level the playing field, with every winner being played off after 45 seconds. It’s all too obvious that they let well know, established performers talk for much longer than the obscure German director who is getting their first bit of recognition.

I hope that this plan has at least a small impact on the show, as long lists of names can be tiresome, but when emotions are running high the rules tend to be ignored and understandably so.

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