Cameron Tries Writing

Along with planning an Avatar trilogy James Cameron is set to write a novel based before the first film, Jon Landau has revealed to MTV. The book will detail the back-story of Jake Sully, his colleagues and the Na’vi; clearly there just isn’t enough time in three films to tell the whole story.

Those of us who think Avatar’s major weak point was the core story will, I’m sure, be intrigued to see how Cameron faces the challenge of writing a book; Pocahontas only ever had a sequel, never a prequel. Of course the real target here is true Avatar fans who are hungry to learn all they can about their favourite 3D characters, soon to be represented in black and white text. A definite case of swapping 3D glasses for reading glasses, despite how cringeworthy the sentence may be.

This seems an odd move for a franchise so synonymous with draw-dropping visuals and disappointing storytelling. While I am intrigued by the idea I am unlikely to follow through when the book is published in late 2010.

One thought on “Cameron Tries Writing

  1. Avatar was already 2 1/2 hours long much more story telling or character development could have not been squeezed into that movie without making it too long or dragged out. The visual effects were the high selling point of the movie.


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