Paper Heart – DVD Review

From what I had heard about Paper Heart I was not expecting to enjoy it; a documentary about love with a fictional love story thrown in did not appeal to me. Once I started watching I found myself moved by the real life stories of love and loss, even liking the possibly over-cutesy puppet re-enactments that accompanied them.

Charlyne Yi, most recognisable as Kenneth’s brief love interest from 30 Rock, makes for an awkward interviewer which helps to ground the fictional part of the film, her love story.

Running alongside the story of Yi travelling America to find if love truly exists, is her awkward on camera romance with Michael Cera, played deftly by Michael Cera. The romance is played subtly and realistically, affecting the way Yi interviews the real public and the documentary affected the progression of the fake love story.

While at times it was hard to like the lead character/interviewer Paper Heart does a good job of showing what love means to different people and is at times touching and amusing. The DVD extras include deleted scenes, some deeply annoying outtakes and a short Making Of which I was grateful for to help me get clear in my head, what was real and what was fiction.

The DVD is out on February 8th in the UK and while I enjoyed it I’d be wary of recommending Paper Heart as it is not for everyone. Probably better to rent than buy.

One thought on “Paper Heart – DVD Review

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