Golden Globes Debrief

Last night the Golden Globes succeeded in giving out some well deserved, if unexpected, TV awards. Glee, Dexter, Big Love and United States of Tara all got awards that I had hoped for but not expected, putting me in a very good mood to begin with.

The film categories were less of a success, despite Jason Reitman and Christoph Waltz getting some recognition, as both Robert Downey Jr. and Avatar picked up awards that simply were not justified. Joseph Gordon Levitt surprised everyone this year and deserved to win over Downey Jr. who has put in many better performances than his in Sherlock Holmes.

Avatar winning best Director and Best Film (Drama) was a real kick in the teeth as I am adamant that, while providing technological breakthroughs, Avatar is not even the best of the five nominees, let alone the best of any drama in the past year. I especially get annoyed when it is said that Avatar will change the face of cinema, as so many films will not use or benefit from motion capture techniques.

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