Up in the Air – Review

Up in the Air begins with memorable opening titles and continues to impress, after a slightly slow start, until the horrendous fan-made song wailing out over the closing credits. George Clooney shows a rare vulnerability as corporate assassin Ryan Bingham and is ably supported by Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick whose characters together take Bingham on an emotional journey throughout the offices and hotels of America.

In a year lacking in great films you can smell award nominations for those involved; the cast and for Jason Reitman who continues to improve with each film. Juno is soon to be replaced as Reitman’s signature work.

Up in the Air takes you from moments of raucous laughter to the edge of tears and pulls no punches in providing an ending I honestly did not expect, yet which made sense, a true merit to any film that can achieve it. Much like its characters this film is not without its flaws but you will be more than happy to spend an hour or two in its company, just make a dash for the exit as the credits start or suffer the lyrical consequences.

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